About Us

Get Well Get On was set up in 2019 as a pilot project funded by Department of Work and Pension and Department of Health and Social Care, with close collaboration with Bristol City Council.

Our aim was to explore different ways in which we could support individuals to return to work, and businesses to retain their skilled workforce.  The project was designed to discover new, creative ways to support individuals with various health conditions (such as mental health support needs and musculoskeletal) to retain their employment. The other part of the project focused on how to support small to medium enterprises to better understand and meet the needs of their employees, and we soon discovered that training and upskilling via interactive workshops was the best way to achieve this.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have moved all our workshops online for both businesses and individuals; we run regular interactive sessions for 8-10 people.

Our workshops are based on what we have learned, with appreciation that this knowledge is not exhaustive; each individual is different and we live in a very dynamic world with things changing every day.

Findings from our pilot project have been fed back to the government in order to improve provision of central services and contribute to positive systemic change

To read more about the work that we did during our pilot, download our final year report here.